The Souper-Bowl of Caring


This week, we conclude our participation in the Souper Bowl of Caring. Please bring cans of soup and saltine crackers as well as cash to put in the large soup pots for the Souper Bowl of Caring . Every can of soup and/or box of saltines will provide food to someone who is hungry. Every dollar given goes directly to sup- ply food to people who are hungry in our community. All proceeds from our Souper Bowl of Caring go to the Athens Area Emergency Food Bank.page1image32688 page1image32848 page1image33008

This month, we have shared generously to address hunger. We have generated 86 cans of soup, 15 boxes of various crackers, 12 boxes of ramen noodles, 138 other food items, a large number of paper bags to be used in distribution, and $630.00 to assist the Athens Area Emergency Food Bank in their life-sustaining ministry. 

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