Lent at First Christian 2017

As part of our observance of Lent this year, there will be a special Sun- day school class offered during this season. Our Lenten theme is “following Jesus ... make us able!” The Sunday school class will look at the disciples Jesus called to follow him during his earthly ministry. What qualities did they have that can help us as disciples, followers of Jesus? Each Sunday we will look at one characteristic or quality of Jesus’ disciples. 

During the Sundays of Lent, we will have a large cross in the sanctuary. The cross reminds that:
*When Jesus set his face towards Jerusalem, it was to the cross that he was headed.
*When God resurrected Jesus on the first Easter morning, the cross went from an instrument of death to a vibrant sign of eternal life.
*From the cross, Jesus demonstrated the power of forgiving love to both confront and defeat death and evil. 

Each Sunday in Lent, we will place a symbol of one of the characteristics of the disciples in the cross. Together, these symbols will help us recognize what it means to be disciples following Jesus. As the symbols are added, week by week, the cross becomes a strong witness of how God can and will make us able to follow Jesus. 

The class will meet in the Fellowship Hall. Our two co-ministers, Justin and Alan will serve as teachers for the class. Join us as together we seek to understand what it means to be disciples. 

Our weekly points of emphasis will be: 

March 5th — Disciples are Risk Takers 

March 12th — Disciples Gain Courage 

March 19th — Disciples are Learners 

March 26th — Disciples are Humble 

April 2nd — Disciples Value Community more than Individualism 

April 9th — Disciples are Persistent

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